Communication has many faces, and languages

The human language is as diverse as the cultures it represents.  It really doesn’t matter what language you speak, the messages are always the same. Human.

As the earth gets more populated, we are all looking for ways to stand out and get noticed. Sometimes that means taking a chance and with it, being perceived as foolish.

With so many platforms to share our message, our ideas, our products or our service, it’s easy to get the word out.

The challenge however, is standing out.  And some of us can scream really loud making it harder for others to be heard.

It’s been said that most people live lives of  quiet desperation.

Desperate maybe, quiet never!

Let your voice be heard. Use video to get your message out and use it to stand out from the crowd.

Check out this girls amazing ability to speak so many languages so well.

Tips For The Camera Shy Business

I recorded this video ‘Tips for the Camera Shy’ a few years ago but it’s still very applicable today. Even more now that many businesses are realizing that they must include video into their online promotions.

Since I recorded this video tip, options for producing business video have grown to include new technologies that offer low cost, easy to use, ‘DIY’ video makers.

These video makers allow you to simply add photos and text to create your own custom video for work or play. If you really want to get fancy, you can record an audio narrative and add to the mix.

Putting together a video montage of photos, text and audio is great if you are selling a product or even for some services, however, there’s nothing more impacting than real people speaking from the heart on camera.

That’s why I wanted to re-post this video. To help those professionals that recognize they can no longer hide behind their website. Rather, they realize that they must be brave and step out in front of the camera so that potential clients can get a sense of who they are, helping them to feel more comfortable doing business with them.

If you haven’t made the move to include ‘moving pictures with sound’ into your marketing mix, whether it’s an instructional video cartoon, video testimonials of happy customers, or educational interviews, you can have the support you need to develop the right video production that will most benefit your bottom line by giving us a call.

We know video, we know online marketing, we’re here to help.



Easy To Criticize YouTube, After the Fact!

446837-youtubebanblock-1349370037-355-640x480I love YouTube. Not because it’s fun, novel or easy to use. I love YouTube because it legitimized web video for business marketing.

Back in 2002, when we started our business, video was unheard of except for personal use. Yes, there were offline video producers who would produce commercials for TV or corporate training, but that was about the extent of business video usage back then.

In a recent Media Post article, the writer talks about the popularity of YouTube as THE channel and how some have a love/hate relationship with the web video giant.

Upon reading the article, the writer acknowledges more than once that there are contradictions. (read full article below). To me, it just confirms that no one really knows.   Video producers who came to web marketing later have no room to cry foul on YouTube as suggested in the article. There were dues to pay and looking back, many innovative video companies have come and gone.

As a personal investor and early adapter before YouTube, I’ve paid my dues and am proud to say that we’ve been around long enough to know that web video production and marketing is still anybody’s game. YouTube is definitely my friend because it paved the way for embracing video as a viable means to promote business online. And that is good for everybody’s business.

Read more:

75% of Ad Execs Say: Online Video More Effective Than TV


Why is online video more effective than TV you ask? It’s a growing industry. Traditional TV is changing and many just aren’t quite sure where it’s heading.
Online video on the other hand is surging in popularity so it only makes sense that the perception, whether ad execs or anyone else for that matter, sees online video as a force to recognize.
Read for yourself

If you need to drive your YouTube videos into the viral stratosphere with thousands and millions of views….call today and let’s get started. Ask for Diana  at 949 643-9157

Video Views and Click Throughs

video marketingIt seems that successful online marketing can be gauged by two simple actions: prospects find you and prospects engage.

Of course, there are more ways today than ever to get prospects to come to your website; blogs, articles, social media, youtube videos, search optimization etc.

When it comes to video, it drills down even more to ‘impressions, views and click throughs’

How do you get your video seen and once seen, what kind of action can you expect from the viewers?

In this recent article from Media Post the writer talks about mobile and social media and how video is proving to be a ‘must have’ when it comes to response and engagement.

If you want to improve the chances that your mobile ad, blog, social media post, article or even press release will get the most attention possible in terms of getting eye balls (views) and increased conversions (click thrus)….just add video.

Read the full article here


Small Businesses Need Assurance

When it comes to web marketing, it looks as though small business is still lagging behind bigger business when it comes to how much confidence (and money) they are willing to invest in online advertising.

A recent article in Adweek
talks about the possible reasons.

While it’s true that almost everyday we are introduced to some new website or software program that promises to be the end all to our advertising problems, the truth is, that most of us have invested in some form of online marketing and been underwhelmed.

This could account for one of the reasons why small businesses are still clinging to the old tried and true print advertising. Oh yes, they have a website, but as the article explains, that’s like having a business card.

Another plausible reason that small businesses are holding tighter to their advertising dollars is that there are just too many choices to choose from and if you’re anything like me, when I get overwhelmed with too many choices, I end up not making any decision at all, at least until I feel totally 100% comfortable that is.

As an experienced Internet marketer for over 10 years I have recently noticed a huge gap and opportunity for web marketing consultants (like myself) who can come along side a business and help clear the forest from the trees when it comes to what marketing strategies to implement to bring the best return.

Much like hiring an architect to help build a home, hiring a marketing consultant to design the right web marketing plan may be just what a small business needs to feel more comfortable stepping out of paper and onto the web.

Video Views Increase on Phones and Tablets

There’s some good news and not so great news for video content marketers and online advertisers.
While video viewership on smartphones and tablets has increased a whopping 10% this year, according to recent studies, video consumption is growing but slowing down.
What does this mean to those of us who market online? It means that we need to make sure we are keeping in step with technology and looking to more mobile friendly ways to get our message out.
With the onslaught of apps for everything these days we can see that there is a huge shift going on and has been going on for some time now. Like all things web marketing, we must continue to keep our eyes open for not only trends but understand how which ones will compliment business best.
To read more about video and how it is continuing to change with the times, read here:

Content Marketing; The “Catch All” Phrase of the Year!

In a recent article based on research for 2013 marketing trends,
content marketing has been placed in the highest ranking of interest from all the many forms of web marketing strategies.
As you view the stats, you’ll see that video marketing and social media engagement, to name a few, are waning. What I find interesting (and I’d love to hear your thoughts) is that content marketing very simply is ‘the creation and distribution of content’ right? So, without video and social media, what exactly is the content and how is it being distributed?
Tell me if I’m wrong here, but the word ‘content’ includes just that, content. Whether it’s text, video, audio, blogs, articles, social posts etc… And the distribution of this content includes most certainly, video, social bookmarking, networking and other share sites.
So, what is this heightened interest in content marketing this year? Really, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along?

Advertising Shift; Good or Bad?


I subscribe to several enewsletters that focus topic on Internet Marketing so I can keep wise on trends and what’s new in the world of advertising.

As addressed in this article below, I was impressed by the idea of how much has changed and how little has changed too in the past few years. Is it possible that we’ve hit a plateau and are now just trying to best apply new technologies to market our businesses in today’s fast paced world?
What are your thoughts on 21st century advertising? What’s working and not working for your business?

Video Checklist for 2013

Lots has changed in the world of online broadcasting these past 10 years and as we reflect back on the journey I’m amazed at how long it has taken for video to become a mainstay to businesses marketing online. I’m also amazed at how some things never change and that is, the continued efforts to find ways to make things easier in life, especially when it comes to communication.

Video is one of those things that helps businesses communicate better and here’s an excellent checklist for you to evaluate and consider for next year’s marketing ROI.

Viva La Video!


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