CPA & Accountant Videos

Financial information is something that we all use in our daily lives and in our business so being able to help people with their QuickBooks, tax and accounting needs is important.

Those professionals who deal with numbers are sometimes the last folks who want to be on camera. With that said, we’ve had the pleasure of working with many a CPA or financial planner who understands the power in personally connecting with their clients and prospects.

IDR Broadcasting has worked with many CPAs and accounting firms across America, helping to improve their web marketing efforts by creating marketing videos that tap into what people are searching for online when it comes to their accounting needs.

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Pennsylvania CPA
Wisconsin CPA
Monterey CPA
Wisconsin Accounting

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Many savvy CPAs and accountants are using video marketing  to help market their services. They may use video to personally speak to their prospective clients or use video to convey information about a particular new service they offer.

Very often, CPA clients use video to answer top FAQ’s. This ‘edu-video’ format works double duty to improve search-ability and convey credibility.

No matter what video format, a CPA or accountant can better stand out from the crowd and give prospective clients an opportunity to get to know and feel more comfortable about the person they will be entrusting their finances to.

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