Content Marketing; The “Catch All” Phrase of the Year!

In a recent article based on research for 2013 marketing trends,
content marketing has been placed in the highest ranking of interest from all the many forms of web marketing strategies.
As you view the stats, you’ll see that video marketing and social media engagement, to name a few, are waning. What I find interesting (and I’d love to hear your thoughts) is that content marketing very simply is ‘the creation and distribution of content’ right? So, without video and social media, what exactly is the content and how is it being distributed?
Tell me if I’m wrong here, but the word ‘content’ includes just that, content. Whether it’s text, video, audio, blogs, articles, social posts etc… And the distribution of this content includes most certainly, video, social bookmarking, networking and other share sites.
So, what is this heightened interest in content marketing this year? Really, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along?

Advertising Shift; Good or Bad?


I subscribe to several enewsletters that focus topic on Internet Marketing so I can keep wise on trends and what’s new in the world of advertising.

As addressed in this article below, I was impressed by the idea of how much has changed and how little has changed too in the past few years. Is it possible that we’ve hit a plateau and are now just trying to best apply new technologies to market our businesses in today’s fast paced world?
What are your thoughts on 21st century advertising? What’s working and not working for your business?

Pre-roll Video; don’t just post an ad, engage!

Comparing web video with TV is and will continue to be a hot topic for years to come. Certainly there are some similarities that warrant a closer look to determine how each benefits the advertiser and the viewer.
I think most of us would agree that nobody really likes exchanging program viewing for watching a commercial yet this is something we’ve all come to accept and understand as the necessary part of television viewing…that is, until now, when online video is shaking up the offline broadcast world.
According to a recent article written by Jay Miletsky for Media Post:  “the Web gives marketers an opportunity that TV doesn’t: the power to engage, and connect with your viewers through direct interaction. You’ve got your entire audience watching your spot with their fingers on the mouse button, just waiting for a good reason to click on something, and (apparently) bored and antsy because they have to suffer through your ad at all”

read full article here:

Web video for content marketing!

The term content marketing is a fairly new term.  In a nutshell, content marketing is just what it sounds like, creating content or creating information and marketing or posting it on the Internet. Search engines are always seeking new original content, new information, and as an expert in your industry or someone who understands your business, you may have knowledge that is sought after by people searching online. This information or content is valuable as you are able to publish it online and help others with it.

When you capture that knowledge, on camera or through articles, blogs, etc… you create your own original content that drives traffic through search engines and also can be used to connect with your prospective clients online. How-to videos are great for this as well as Q&As. Creating valuable content through video is yet one more medium for promoting your expertise online and ultimately building your company or product’s brand awareness. That’s the key to successful content marketing.

If you need assistance in determining how best to create interesting video content for your online marketing, schedule a no obligation consultation.



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