Content Marketing; The “Catch All” Phrase of the Year!

In a recent article based on research for 2013 marketing trends,
content marketing has been placed in the highest ranking of interest from all the many forms of web marketing strategies.
As you view the stats, you’ll see that video marketing and social media engagement, to name a few, are waning. What I find interesting (and I’d love to hear your thoughts) is that content marketing very simply is ‘the creation and distribution of content’ right? So, without video and social media, what exactly is the content and how is it being distributed?
Tell me if I’m wrong here, but the word ‘content’ includes just that, content. Whether it’s text, video, audio, blogs, articles, social posts etc… And the distribution of this content includes most certainly, video, social bookmarking, networking and other share sites.
So, what is this heightened interest in content marketing this year? Really, isn’t that what we’ve been doing all along?

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