Easy To Criticize YouTube, After the Fact!

446837-youtubebanblock-1349370037-355-640x480I love YouTube. Not because it’s fun, novel or easy to use. I love YouTube because it legitimized web video for business marketing.

Back in 2002, when we started our business, video was unheard of except for personal use. Yes, there were offline video producers who would produce commercials for TV or corporate training, but that was about the extent of business video usage back then.

In a recent Media Post article, the writer talks about the popularity of YouTube as THE channel and how some have a love/hate relationship with the web video giant.

Upon reading the article, the writer acknowledges more than once that there are contradictions. (read full article below). To me, it just confirms that no one really knows.   Video producers who came to web marketing later have no room to cry foul on YouTube as suggested in the article. There were dues to pay and looking back, many innovative video companies have come and gone.

As a personal investor and early adapter before YouTube, I’ve paid my dues and am proud to say that we’ve been around long enough to know that web video production and marketing is still anybody’s game. YouTube is definitely my friend because it paved the way for embracing video as a viable means to promote business online. And that is good for everybody’s business.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/205008/to-an-entire-generation-youtube-is-the-channel-.html?c=110298#reply#ixzz2Zo7ikSPZ

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