Small Businesses Need Assurance

When it comes to web marketing, it looks as though small business is still lagging behind bigger business when it comes to how much confidence (and money) they are willing to invest in online advertising.

A recent article in Adweek
talks about the possible reasons.

While it’s true that almost everyday we are introduced to some new website or software program that promises to be the end all to our advertising problems, the truth is, that most of us have invested in some form of online marketing and been underwhelmed.

This could account for one of the reasons why small businesses are still clinging to the old tried and true print advertising. Oh yes, they have a website, but as the article explains, that’s like having a business card.

Another plausible reason that small businesses are holding tighter to their advertising dollars is that there are just too many choices to choose from and if you’re anything like me, when I get overwhelmed with too many choices, I end up not making any decision at all, at least until I feel totally 100% comfortable that is.

As an experienced Internet marketer for over 10 years I have recently noticed a huge gap and opportunity for web marketing consultants (like myself) who can come along side a business and help clear the forest from the trees when it comes to what marketing strategies to implement to bring the best return.

Much like hiring an architect to help build a home, hiring a marketing consultant to design the right web marketing plan may be just what a small business needs to feel more comfortable stepping out of paper and onto the web.

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