Tips For The Camera Shy Business

I recorded this video ‘Tips for the Camera Shy’ a few years ago but it’s still very applicable today. Even more now that many businesses are realizing that they must include video into their online promotions.

Since I recorded this video tip, options for producing business video have grown to include new technologies that offer low cost, easy to use, ‘DIY’ video makers.

These video makers allow you to simply add photos and text to create your own custom video for work or play. If you really want to get fancy, you can record an audio narrative and add to the mix.

Putting together a video montage of photos, text and audio is great if you are selling a product or even for some services, however, there’s nothing more impacting than real people speaking from the heart on camera.

That’s why I wanted to re-post this video. To help those professionals that recognize they can no longer hide behind their website. Rather, they realize that they must be brave and step out in front of the camera so that potential clients can get a sense of who they are, helping them to feel more comfortable doing business with them.

If you haven’t made the move to include ‘moving pictures with sound’ into your marketing mix, whether it’s an instructional video cartoon, video testimonials of happy customers, or educational interviews, you can have the support you need to develop the right video production that will most benefit your bottom line by giving us a call.

We know video, we know online marketing, we’re here to help.



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