Video Views and Click Throughs

video marketingIt seems that successful online marketing can be gauged by two simple actions: prospects find you and prospects engage.

Of course, there are more ways today than ever to get prospects to come to your website; blogs, articles, social media, youtube videos, search optimization etc.

When it comes to video, it drills down even more to ‘impressions, views and click throughs’

How do you get your video seen and once seen, what kind of action can you expect from the viewers?

In this recent article from Media Post the writer talks about mobile and social media and how video is proving to be a ‘must have’ when it comes to response and engagement.

If you want to improve the chances that your mobile ad, blog, social media post, article or even press release will get the most attention possible in terms of getting eye balls (views) and increased conversions (click thrus)….just add video.

Read the full article here


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