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You won’t find a video production company with more web experience than we have!

We had a vision back in 2002 to bring the Internet to life. Sounds kind of lofty huh? Well, perhaps, but we never gave up that dream and we’re glad we didn’t. Through the years, technology companies have come and gone but we’ve remained. Then in 2006, YouTube came on the scene, thank goodness.
Now others saw the vision too. Small to large businesses realized that they could convey their firm’s brand message, experience, integrity and unique value proposition to their prospects more easily and efficiently and in an entertaining way… just like TV had done for years.

Video production & web video marketing technologies

• Our video production team has been producing videos since 1995.
• Our client video placements are showing up in top rankings for search.
• Our video distribution network is huge and growing.
• Our video landing sites and mobile apps are lead driven.

Give us a call at 866-284-3020 or email us for a free consultation so we can help you get started on developing some new videos for your business. We’re actually pretty friendly and you can trust that we care!

The Buck Stops Here:

Diana D’Itri (CMO, co-founder)

Diana is a pioneer in the advancement of Internet media broadcasting. She is a senior partner at IDR broadcasting and since 2002, she and her business partner have developed systems for web broadcasting to make it easier for businesses to promote themselves more effectively online.

A native Californian, Diana spent much of her early career in the entertainment industry as a professional recording artist and nightclub performer before being drawn into the world of online marketing.

Diana has written numerous articles on the subject of web broadcasting and continues to sing, write music and perform. She’s passionate about her children and charitable causes that benefit kids and families.

Diana can be reached at 866-284-3020 ex. 4


Brett Duncan (CEO, co-founder)

In 1995, Brett started his video production company and produced television commercials, infomercials, and corporate videos for many well respected companies including Mercedes Benz, Boys and Girls Club, Solo Insurance, and more. His humorous commercials and interview style infomercials grew Solo insurance to four million dollars in annual premiums in just a few short years.

In 2000, Brett began developing ideas for using Internet technology to promote business much the same way TV had done for years.

Brett’s video production experience, combined with his technological prowess and unwavering perseverance, has solidified IDR’s position as an Internet broadcasting leader.

Brett can be reached by telephone at 866-284-3020 ex. 1


Our strategic partners exemplify the highest standards of integrity and service that support our mission to provide valued clients with the best resources available to maximize their online success!


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